Sex with Robots????????

Some very select few will rejoice, the rest will join me in an apprehensive, speechless confusion. When so many of us are already so occupied by sex with other humans (or perhaps thats just the attitude of a teenage boy), sex with a robot is already intruding upon our radars. 


When I was doing my usual nightly stroll through the wonders that make up the BBC News, I was slightly confused by an article titled “Will we ever want to have sex with robots?” And then the part of me that involved itself with an AI summer program naturally just had to check it out… naturally.

Well Roxxxy is a commercially available product that meshes AI into the human form. I’m just slightly… confused (confused isn’t the right word, speechless… I just don’t know what to think) that the first commercially available form of AI in a human body form that I’ve come across is for sexual purposes. (And I’m sure the creators would argue that she… no it is made for conversational purposes as well)

I understand that there exists a recluse element of our society that for some reason or another shuns the rest of society that would be interested in this $9,000 sex toy (or in the eyes of the creators “go[ing] beyond a simple sex aid and to provid[ing] companionship.”), but… actually for me right now there is no but… I’m still not really sure what to say so I’d rather not say anything at all. 

Read the article and formulate your own opinions b/c I’m having trouble with mine.


Politics for Thought

How would you feel if the country you lived in was run by a bunch of young adults from ages 18-25. Well you should feel the same because apparently, that is what is up.


This may be slightly exaggerated but at an undisclosed time ago, I was talking to an undisclosed friend, who works as an intern at an undisclosed governor’s office. Perhaps he was trying to make himself sound more important, but what I got from our conversation was that there is an army of interns working for every Senator or Congressman/Congresswoman and that this army runs our country.

If anyone watches House of Cards (which one ought to do), what does Frank Underwood do when he needs a bill drafted up? He gets America’s Youngest and brightest interns to do it for him.

frank underwood

According to my friend, the congressman/woman/senator (you get the point) is rarely in their office. The majority of their time is consumed by fundraising and taking phone calls for small grievances. A large chunk of their year isn’t even spent in D.C. The position of a senator/representative was made for someone who was expected to simultaneously be a farmer so they get most of the summer off too. Hell unless its an important matter, the congressperson/senator doesn’t even vote. If I understood my friend correctly, they just have their office submit ballots according to the congressperson/senator’s policies for the trivial bills.

When some important politician is making a speech on the hill to the floor on CSPAN, that floor is empty. Unless its a very very important bill, there is no way Mr./Miss. Politician BigShoes is going to be spending their time on the house or senate floor. So the politician is speaking to a mostly empty room as a political ploy so that the Headline News can read “Goody TwoShoes spoke to the House Floor Today about Duck Taxes.”

There is no way the 313.9 million people of the United States of America can be governed at the top level by 100 senator, 435 members of the House of Representatives, and a dozens of higher ups like the Obama or Bernanke. It takes an army of interns and other paid members of staff, it just so happens to be that the army of interns is a rag tag old bunch of college students.



Oh, lordy. Ladies and gentlemen, our EPGY AI class topic has made it to Hollywood!!!!!

Watch the trailer

But on November 20, 2013 Annapurna Pictures will release a film about a man (played by Joaquin Pheonix) who falls in love with his new AI operating system voiced by Scarlett Johansson. Olivia Wilde and Amy Adams also make appearances.

I’m so excited I can’t even write straight. This is the Turing Test mixed with AI Ethics mixed with many of the other topics we learned at EPGY.


Lab Grown Burgers

I just posted this on Cyborg Jelly Fish, but here it is for those of you who do not yet follow this other awesome blog

Scientists in the Netherlands have grown meat patties from stem cells retrieved from a dead cow. This £200,000 patty was cooked and eaten in London this week and critics say that it was “close to meat, but not that juicy.” This is probably due to the fact that it was all lab-grown muscle tissue and it lacked any fat content (many burgers have a 60:40 meat to fat ratio).

But then again, it was grown in a lab from stem cells! Thats cool, and kind of strange at the same time. Yes it is slightly off-putting to some and more so to others, but this (if we can upscale it and make it cheaper) is a potentially feasible alternative to the growing demand for meat. Critics say that we could just eat less meat, but there will always be meat lovers no matter what anyone says.


Growing meat is also better for the environment. Current livestock habits for producing meat also produces large amounts of methane, feed, energy, healthcare, and land.

Screen Shot 2013-08-06 at 12.30.27 PM

Are you going to see lab grown ribeye in the store within the next year? Probably not, but as the population continues to spiral upwards and the steaks are so high, we will need ingenious ideas like this to feed our planet.

(pun intended)

Final Project for EPGY

As you may have read in my Final Project Proposal ,(

My research project’s supplement was made in conjunction with Shreyas Kalyan ( and its purpose is to sort through “large” amounts of data obtained through the Facebook Graph API to create a personality profile of a person.

The general goal of this project was to get a computer to run through a set of data and artificially create some understanding of what a person is like.

Graph API Token

Getting the access token




Graph API Statuses

getting just the statuses

We only used my statuses because obtaining the statuses of all 900+ friends would take a massive amount of time for the Graph API to accomplish

Graph API Just Statuses

What the Graph API gives you when you ask for the statuses. Once saved as a txt file, one method sorts through these creating an arraylist of strings filled with only statuses. It works by continuously updating where you left off and then finding the newest “message” and then adding the status written after the key word “message.”                            


The algorithms currently only sort through statuses to make running updates to the Person Class. The personality profile contained within the Person Class is based on the Big Five Theory ( modifying one’s






grphic quantification

The person class would instead modify the big five personality traits, but for a simple example, here is this diagram

The ‘algorithms’ method contained within the Algorithm class compares the isolated words in a status to the key words in an arraylist containing the key word and the 5 modifying doubles.



During my APCS course in my sophomore year, my teacher taught us to run everything through the terminal which is apparently not widespread. So here is proof that I to some limited degree know how to compile and run programs through the terminal or command prompt.

Terminal Client

Here are the individual statuses further broken up into single words

Work will be continued on this project during free time, but plans include using the Stanford coreNLP to delve further into speech statistics (ex. a more extraverted person may use longer sentences) and the use of MIT’s ConceptNet5 to help the AI work with words it has not yet encountered.


The finished personality profile could be used to recommend ads, products, music, movies, friends, and could theoretically be used to provide information on the social spheres of different geological areas.